Smart tracking.

  • Realtime Tracking
  • Great Transparency
  • Predictive Maintenance
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Our range of services –
GSE solutions for the benefit of our customers

Rental Solutions

Rental Solutions with maximum flexibility. Short term, dry rental and pay-per-use – we make it possible.

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management for optimization of use. Our innovative solutions enable you to save costs and increase efficiency.

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Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking to make the most out of GSE. With real-time tracking and predictive maintenance we ensure a reliable service.

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Second Hand

Buy the best GSE units from us. There are also options available for a small budget. We sell our rarely used units, which are well maintained and kept in great condition. Contact us now and do not miss any of our excellent offers.

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Smart Training

Using the HiSERV Smart Trainer, apron crews practise in a risk-free environment and learn how to approach an aircraft with all apron equipment, how to supply it, and how to leave it again quickly without causing any damage.

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Even when you are not renting our vehicles you can make use of our workshop services. Mobile or fixed maintenance and repair – you choose, and we always deliver exactly what you need.

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Rental Solutions –
with maximum flexibility

Dry Rental

Rent only, fixed price per hour or per month.

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Full Service Rental

We take care of maintenance and management of your rented vehicles. The service package may also include insurance and real-time tracking of usage. We adapt the service package individually to your wishes.

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You only pay for what you actively use. We provide you with maximum flexibility and total transparency. The first GSE rental solution that fully adapts to your needs.

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Fleet Management –
for optimization of use

Fleet Management

Innovative solutions to optimize the use of GSE units. This saves you costs. You cannot have more transparency, fairness and efficiency.

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GSE Pooling

You use our units together with other customers at your location. This saves space and costs and ensures optimum utilization of the units.

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We provide you with an as-is analysis highlighting potentials and providing you with solutions on how to improve your operations the most beneficial and cost-effective way.

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Smart Tracking –
making usage fair and transparent

Real-time Tracking

Innovative solutions make it possible to optimize the use of vehicles. This saves you money and increases transparency, fairness and efficiency.

Great Transparency

To know how intensive which vehicle is used and where it is right now, is an enormous benefit helping to optimize your GSE.

Predictive Maintenance

You always know when maintenance is due and have reliable data for the next audit.

HiSERV Second Hand –
buy the best GSE units


We only sell second-hand GSE units in excellent and rarely used condition. They are available for any vehicle type so you can expand your own fleet.


Suitable even for a small budget. We sell all of the units at a fair, transparent price.


All our vehicles are well maintained and in great condition. These affordable units ensure that you can upgrade your fleet.

HiSERV Smart Trainer –
a state-of-the-art training device

Reduce risks

Training ensures safety during working hours as well as increased quality and speed. In addition, the risk of damaging real aeroplanes while practising is minimised.

Smart technology

Many different scenarios can be simulated and practised. You observe the difficulties and successes of the training and can continue practising at any time – so you can constantly improve.


HiSERV’s Smart Trainer is so realistic that it lets you be trained on almost every GSE function available at the aeroplane.

HiSERV Workshop Service –
gives you the service and support just as you need it

Mobile services

If one of your vehicles requires maintenance or breaks down, we are always there for you and come directly to your location.


You benefit from transparent communication, quick response times and fast availability of your vehicles. This helps you to increase the utilisation of your fleet.

Ad-hoc support

Whatever you need ad-hoc, whether loading or unloading support, spare parts for your fleet or technical know-how, we are here to support you.


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