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At 13.6 meters in length, 5.5 meters in height and 3.45 meters in width, the Smart Trainer offers a very realistic aircraft body. Apron crew, fire brigade and workshop staff are trained on all conceivable scenarios, such as loading and unloading, passenger boarding or maintenance and rescue operations. Training without risk increases workplace safety, reduces risks of damage and optimally prepares employees. This guarantees quality, safety and increases the speed of handling.

GSE units to train.

Catering Truck

Passenger Step

Toilet Service

Firefighting Truck

Tow Bar


Pushback Tractor

Aircraft De-Icer

Passenger Stair


Ground Power Unit

Air Start Unit

Practice makes perfect!
Good. Better. Smart Trainer.

Reduce risks

Training increases safety in jobs as well as quality and speed. In addition, the risk of damaging a real aeroplane is minimised.

Smart technology

Many different scenarios can be simulated and practised. You improve yourself by looking at the successes and failures and keep on learning.


HiSERV’s Smart Trainer is so realistic that it lets you be trained on almost every GSE function available at the aeroplane.

Train on all conceivable scenarios!

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